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Happy New Year 2010
Happy New Year 1955


Mud_Mud Ke Na Dekh
Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh
Producer * Director * Actor : Raj Kapoor
Music Arrangement * Rhythm Arrangement * Performance * Web Design & Art
Oasis Thacker

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year.

You are listning to the Instrumental Remix of a Bollywood Film song, performed in a New Year's Party. I have played all the instruments and rhythms on my synthesizer.

This is the first post in ‘Bollywood Oasis’ section’s ‘Remix’ division; therefore, I will spend  a couple of lines to explain what to expect in this division.

While I have enough compositions of my own, and I believe, they are of very high standards, I like to remix some of my favorite scores composed by other great composers, to express my respect for them, and because I enjoy. These composers are from India, USA, and other parts of the world. If I have to choose one best thing I like about my Indian heritage, it would be music; - India’s classical music, folk music and modern popular music. After I migrated to the USA, I fell in love with music of USA and of other western countries. The progress in the art of modern music in India owes a lot to the cinema. Before the talkies and radio, there were very few mediums to make music available to large listening audiences. The art of music was passed on to children in musical families, and enjoyed by local audiences. While the melodies were great, it was limited to simple linier format, with singers’ voice, Tablas, and a couple of accompanying musical instruments. During early years of talkies and radio, music became inseparable part of Indian cinema, and the tradition has never changed. Most popular music since 40’s has come from Indian films culture, now known as Bollywood. Until mid 40’s, the film music was still following old rules. Most early films reflected Hindu epics, history of India including stories of Hindu and Muslim kings, and Indian social life; so the music compositions were still mostly based on Indian classical and folk music. In late 40’s some films created scenes that could use western music and rhythms.  

In 1949 composer duo Shankar and Jaykishan appeared with new catchy Indian tunes, and very popular western music; that changed Indian popular music forever. While Indian film industry has given several very talented composers, these two composers are the most popular composers of all time. Their songs have become folk songs forever, and even youngest generations memorize, and sing their songs. They were extremely popular in Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Middle East and African countries.  The western music was mostly fusion between Indian music and western music, based on Western Classical, American Jazz and Big-Band, and Latin music of Europe. Later evolutions added Indian versions of rock n roll, pop, and lately hip hop.

This song was filmed in the movie ‘Shree 420’ (translation: Honorable Conn Artist) made by the great producer, director, actor Raj Kapoor. Mr. Kapoor was very popular, not only in India, but also the countries listed earlier. He gave a break to these two composers, and hired them in most of his several films for over 20 years. The song was performed (lip sung) by Raj Kapoor (The hero), and Nadira (acting as a villain-show girl) at a Western Style New Year’s Party. The actual playback singers were Manna Day, and Asha Bhosle.