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DewDrops on The Oasis

Oasis Thacker's International Music Album release
Music Composer, Arranger, Performer & Producer : Oasis Thacker
Oasis Thacker's International Music Album release
Music Composer, Arranger, Performer & Producer : Oasis Thacker
This is Oasis Thacker's first international music album,. The music is so unique difficult to put it in any known category, that is why it is fair to call it OasisMusic. The closest known category can be 'Cool Jazz' if you really want to put it in any known category at all. For any creative artist, there are two paths. One is to expand the horizon of the existing type of art, or to invent totally new style. But even when he/she expands the existing music styles, the creation itself has to be unique. Most important thing is that the music has to please your ears and your heart, otherwise the 'newness' is useless. Oasis has done both. DewDrops on the Oasis is of the first type. You can describe it as romantic-spiritual music. It touches your heart and soul. Please click onListen to Sampleto get an idea about the music, befor you click below to buy this album for purchase.
DewDrops on The Oasis
Nonstop Dandia-Raas Dance Superblast

Music Composer, Arranger, Performer & Producer

Oasis Thacker (Ghanshyam Thakkar)

Singers: Kishore Manraja, Damyanti Bardai, Jayashree Bhojavia and chorous
This album is of the second type of the two categories described above. 'O Raaj Re' means 'O My Sweetheart' Oasis has taken known folk songs from west India's Gujarat state, where he was born. Let's say this is India's Country & Western music. This music flows in his arteries since his childhood, and he always wanted to add his own musical feelings in it.. He thinks, this is one of the world's greatest folk music styles. Gujarati folk music covers the span of beautiful deep feelings, from romantic to tragic; from weddings to death. But this album is based on Gujarati folkdance music 'Dandia Raas (Stick Dance)'. Oasis has selected some well-known folk songs, with traditional singing style, and added his own music between the stanzas, added his own style, rhythms, and his own folk lyrics. He has given the album, a touch of western fusion. Whether you understand the Gujarati Language or not, you will love the compositions, the instruments, and the rhythms; and I promise the music WILL make you dance. Oasis has used the top folk singers of the language. Even if you don't understand the words, the beauty of their voice and their unique 'Country-Tone' will put you in the green farms of Gujarat. Please click on Listen to Sample(Raas 1) to get an idea about the album,
O Raaj Re
Music that will melt in your heart
Music Composer, Arranger, Performer & Producer :
Oasis Thacker (Ghanshyam Thakkar)

Kishore Manraja, , Nisha Upadhyay, Neha Mehta,

Jayshree Bhojavia and chorous

I was literary poet before I became music composer, and lyricist. While lyrics written for music are not expected to be poetry, being a poet sure raises level of imagination for the lyrics. But lyrics have to be more faithful to music than to literature. I knew that my compositions were original and beautiful. I made sure that the lyric also reach the highest level with a touch of poetic glow.

I love Gujarati folk and easy-listening music. But for years, it has remained a prisoner of tradition. I wanted to cross the age old limits and reach a new height. So the love songs come out with intense emotions that you had felt before, but no one ever expressed in music. The sad songs reached new level of pain and the hidden frustrations They are expressed in the instrumental music. I have personally created many new instruments in my synthesizer, when I thought that hundreds of instruments the keyboard came with were not enough to express some feelings I wanted thru musical notes, and expressions. The singers also did wonderful job in following the song-violin and my directions. I am proud of the singers.

I hope you get in touch with the feelings that were within you, and now they are in these songs








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