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Wimbledon-12 Aftereffects.- Oasis Thacker



Wimbledon Centre Court Sliding Roof

Oasis Thacker

The Wimble Centre Court has a sliding roof that can be closed in case of rain. Why not ALL the courts? Discrimination?  

And one court that has closable roof that they don't close. "We prefer outdoor." Sure!!!

When there is 99% chance of rain, you know it will rain during the game. (Roof-closing and climate setting takes long time)

This interruption messes up the fun; and a player who is on the roll to win the match, looses his/her momentum when the game resumes. Some even loose the match.

So why not close the roof before the match begins?

My guess is:  people go to restaurants and Wimbledon gift shops to kill the time. Profit! Profit! Profit!

Here is the idea. When the chances of rain are high, close the roof from the beginning. Have 5 minute break between the sets. Send the players to sell gift shop items in the audience (of course with autographs) at very high cost. Here is your profit.

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