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Prime Minister Modi – Reformer in Chief

Oasis Thacker

President Obama, the most powerful man on the earth just wrote an article in Times magazine about India’s Prime Minister Mr. Modi. He called him 'the reformer in chief''. That is greatest honour not only for the prime minister, but also for India as country.

But one person alone cannot reform the country. USA and other developed countries have been reformed, because people from grass root level realized that that is the best and only way for good future for themselves and for their children.

Unfortunately, in India, dishonesty and corruption is widespread. As the people have financially prospered, dishonesty has actually increased. During the days when most Indians were poor, people used to think of going to jail as the worst shame. Now it is like a picnic. People break rules and are not even afraid. That includes bank officials, government officials, private businesses and private citizens.

Here is how Indians can help Prime Minister’s dream of ‘Skill India’ and change it from ‘Scam India’

  1. DO YOUR JOB OR BUSINESS HONESTLY: If you do little dishonesty, your children will do even bigger dishonesty, and so on. And they will end up in jail. But, honest countries have prospered faster than dishonest countries. So, there are more chances of you living better standard of living than by going on dishonest road.
  2. TREAT NRI’S WELL, AND MAKE THEM FEEL WELCOME: Mr. Modi has developed special relationship with Indians living abroad. He knows that NRI’s love India and like to see it prosper. In last 25 years, NRI’s have contributed significantly for the financial and cultural advancement. Not only have they brought foreign currency, but also their experiences from developed countries.Unfortunately, when NRI’s visit India, they suffer more than the locals. Many want free buck from them. Also they are minority in their own country, so they mistreat them. From banks to government officials to private citizens, all have eye on their free money. I have many personal experiences that I will share some other time, but let me give you one significant example. When I was on the plane in 2010 to India, I was sitting next to a nice lady. It was a long trip, so obviously people talk. I found out that she had 3 five star hotels in three major cities in USA. Two years before she came to settle back in India, hoping to bring all her money, build a high rise and start a hotel in India. But she faced so many cheater, so many mistreated her, that, she was coming this time to sell whatever property she had in India, and never come back to India again. Her coming would have helped hundreds of Indians get jobs, and other benefits. There are many examples like this. Many Indians are at retirement age. But they are afraid of financial and other criminals.Mr. Modi is trying his best to change the situation. Until recently, when NRI’s landed at airports in India, they were harassed by custom officers, for bribe. Some would threaten to charge custom duty on under wares, just to get some free money. I just visited USA, and came back to India. I was surprised that most of corrupt custom department was eliminated, and we got out of the airport as fast as in the USA. Such changes need to be everywhere. India will get lot of benefits from NRI’s when they begin trusting India.
  3. CLEANLINESS: India is one of the few prosperous countries that is dirtier than many poor countries. Mr. Modi has begun Swachchhata Abhiyan (Cleanliness Campaign). But only people can make it work.
  4. FOLLOING RULES: In most developed countries, people follow traffic and other rules as a civic duty and common sense for the safety of themselves, and their children. In India, where speed limit is average 40 kmph, more people die in traffic accidents than countries where speed limit is 100+ kmph. That is crying shame. On one hand they try to collect money by dishonesty, to make better future for their children. On the other hand, they risk their children’s lives by not following the traffic and other rules.

India has potential to become great countries like USA, Canada, and other European countries, if they follow simple rules like stated above.

India has potential to become great countries like USA, Canada, and other European countries, if they follow simple rules like.



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