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See the video below. Watch how people in USA obey Stop-Signs Also see how clean and peaceful the streets are

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O Raaj Re
नोनस्टोप डांडियारासका धमाका
संगीतकार, गीतकार, वादक और निर्माताः ओएसीस (घनश्याम ठक्कर)
स्वरः किशोर मनराजा, दमयंती बरडाई, जयश्री भोजविया और वृंद
Nonstop Dandia-Raas Dance Superblast
Music Composer, Arranger, Performer & Producer : Oasis Thacker (Ghanshyam Thakkar)
Singers: Kishore Manraja, Damyanti Bardai, Jayashree Bhojavia and chorous
AasopalavNi Dale
दिलमें पिघलता संगीत
संगीतकार, गीतकार, वादक और निर्माताः ओएसीस (घनश्याम ठक्कर)
स्वरः किशोर मनराजा, निशा उपाध्याय, नेहा महेता, देवयानी बिन्द्रे, जयश्री भोजविया और वृंद
Music that will melt in your heart
Music Composer, Arranger, Performer & Producer : Oasis Thacker (Ghanshyam Thakkar)
Singers: Kishore Manraja, Nisha Upadhyay,Neha Mehta, Jayashree Bhojavia and chorous
DewDrops On The Oasis
संगीतकार, गीतकार, वादक और निर्माताः ओएसीस (घनश्याम ठक्कर)

ओएसीस का आंतर्राष्ट्रिय बाद्यसंगीत-आलबम

DewDrops on The Oasis

Oasis Thacker's International Music Album release
Music Composer, Arranger, Performer & Producer : Oasis Thacker

कॉपीराइट कानुन द्वारा सुरक्षितत

PROTECTED Bg unauthorized copies is as much against the law as stealing someone's car.

પ્રવેશક: લાભશંકર ઠાકર

ગુજરાતી આધુનિક કવિતાનો એક ધ્યાનપાત્ર અવાજ

copyright: Oasis Thacker

भूरी शाहीनां खळखळ
ઘનશ્યામ ઠક્કર

Bhuri Shahina Khalkhal

copyright: Oasis Thacker


Later in the article I will explain, how this video relevant to Indian economy

I am NRI. NRIs are happy in the countries they have migrated to. They have no interest in political TuTu-MeinMein. They are living happy and peaceful life in clean environment, and where most people follow rule. Where their children study in air conditioned public school free of charge; that look better than 5 star hotels in India. But they like to do something good for their motherland, where they were born.

If you think this article is political, don’t read it.

Here are the headlines for some time

  1. Rupee value is plunging
  2. Economy is bad.
  3. Too much unemployment
  4. Number of tourists coming to India are dropping 10% every year.
  5. Inflation is bad
  6. Petrol prices are high
  7. Crime has increased too much in last 25 years
  8. Traffic problems and accidents are too many.



Do you think changing government or Prime Minster will solve the problems? 
Answer is ‘big NO.’

So is there a solution?
Answer is‘BIG YES’


The definition of Democracy is ‘Government of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE, and for the PEOPLE.

It does not say: ‘Government of Prime Minster, by PM, and for PM.

When we say PEOPLE or CITIZENS,  who are people?

Bank employees are PEOPLE. Do you think one Vijay Malya on Nirvav Modi alone were responsible for bank fraud? Hundreds of bank employees must have helped for greed to help these people. Hundreds of bank employees must have taken advantage of Demonetization time. That is how black money was converted to white money.

Hospital employees are PEOPLE. Many hospital frauds have come to surface. Some NRI have stopped coming to India for so called less expensive medical and dental treatment, because of the news stories and because of their own experience.

Majority of Indians break traffic laws are PEOPLE. Later I will explain, why this is related to India’s economy, and petrol cost.

Indian airlines carriers  employees are PEOPLE. We know that most Indian airlines are in very bad shape, and tax payers have to pay to bail them out.

Those who defraud NRI and other senior citizens or widows are PEOPLE.

There is a big list of such PEOPLE who create government, not the Prime Minister or ruling party.  

By electing one party or the other, Prime Minister will not have a magic wand to solve problems. Prime Minister can guide you. You have to follow his advice.

No matter who becomes Prime Minister, and which party comes to power, problem will not go away.

Just like a person has a personality, society has a personality. 
Majority of people's common behavior create personality of a society or a nation. In countries like USA, many European countries, Japan, Hong Kong or Singapore have honesty and law abiding standards. Yet countries are rich and safe.

Do you thing majority of Indians have same standards? If not, change the country.

Some people think that by collecting money in wrong way for children, will make children secure and happy. This is not true. 
May be for a short period of time they will live in good ac homes and eat good food. But you cannot spend lifetime inside house.

Living standard and happiness come from overall life experience.  When they go out, they will be in dirty streets, get stuck in traffic jam, inhale carbon monoxide, get hit by a cows that eat garbage and plastic bags, or be a victim of a crime. They will go to school and college where there is no air-conditioning, or other facilities like in some advanced countries.

In USA, and other prosperous countries, their good standard of living starts outside homes. They believe in clean and safe streets with greenery on side. Rich or poor, their children go to well-equipped air conditioned public schools for no fee. Most children stop depending on their parents when they turn 18 years old. They don’t want their parent’s help.

That comes from honest and law abiding majority.

People like to visit or migrate to USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and many European countries. Because majority of people are honest, and law abiding citizens. These countries are also rich.

These are the places where tourists feel safe to travel. These are the places NRIS feel secure. These are the places where NRI and other people are not afraid to let their children go alone for vacation. There are much less chances of being cheated, or be a victim of crimes. These are the places where foreigners including NRI like to invest.These are the countries that are doing economically well.

Some other countries, including India are where people are afraid to come due to white collar crimes and black collar crimes.

There are few law breakers everywhere. Only when lakhs of people are involved, it becomes national crisis.

Meaning, a responsible, law abiding, and honest society can only make government and country successful. Prime Minister alone cannot do it

Gandhiji inspired people to join his non-violence freedom fight. Millions of Indians decided to join Gandhiji’s call. They sacrificed their family life and income, took Lathi-Charge from British, many died for the country, like in Jaliyanwaala Baug. Gandhiji alone could not have driven British out of India.


  1. Rupee value falling
  2. Tourism decreasing
  3. Unemployment
  4. Crime.
  5. High petrol price.
  6. Bank frauds.
  7. Medical field frauds.
  8. Crimes against helpless senior citizens and women, including NRI and tourists

In certain way, all the issues are related to each other.

When Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister, he took many initiatives to attract NRI and other foreign investment and tourists to India. He already had good bond with NRI, and good programs for foreign companies to invest in India, when he was Chief Minister of Gujarat.

He created greater bond with NRI when he became Prime Minister

He visited many foreign countries, met head of states,  and strengthen relationship to attract investment in India.

He also inspired Swachchhata Abhiyan (Cleanliness Campaign) .

But due to lack of support from PEOPLE, things did not go well.


Lets see what Narendra Modi did before and during 2014 for these issues.


Everyone is in panic when rupee fell 1 dollar to 72 rupees.

Is it Naranda Modi’s fault?

Ever since Narendrabhai was chief minister of Gujarat, he has created good bond with NRI. He has asked NRI to

  1. Invest in India, Gujarat.
  2. Asked them to keep 1 foot in India and 1 foot in the country of migration.
  3. Retire, or at least spend few years of retirement in India

He asked people of India to

  1. Treat NRI and other Indians with respect, and make them feel welcome in your neighborhood.
  2. Stop crime and violence.
  3. Follow traffic rules.
  4. Keep streets clean, and stop putting cows on streets to eat garbage and plastic bags.


All these steps can bring much needed foreign currency to India, and lift the rupee value up. Also they can create employment.

NRI saw good leadership quality in Narendra Modi, and tried to help motherland. Some came to live in India, leaving clean and non-corrupt countries, to spend USA earned dollars in India. Some invested in banks and stocks. Some came as tourists, and brought dollars in India.

What did Narendra Modi do to improve situation so that  NRI can visit India frequently, stay for a long period of time, do business in India, retire in India?

What did Narendra Modi do to improve situation so that  NRI can visit India frequently, stay for a long period of time, do business in India, retire in India?

  1. Improved Situation at Airports: Before he became prime minster, NRI and other tourist had to suffer a lot while clearing custom area. People were harassed by employees of airport to get bribe. Many people traveling  with children had a nightmare experience. It would take 4 to 5 hours before they get out of airports. After he became Prime Minister, people can get out in 10 minutes from the airport.


  1. Merger of OCI and PIO status: This was a giant step to make investment and travel easy for NRI. OCI status (Overseas Citizen of India) was given to NRI who were born in India and migrated to overseas. They were given lifetime visa, and permission to buy/sell property, work in India, do business in India etc. PIO status was given to second generation onwards Person of Indian Origin. This visa was for 15 years. In January 2015 after he became Prime Minister, all PIO were given the same status as OCI. In other words, PIO was eliminated. NRI’s children, and further decedents can come and live in India, do business, work, retire, buy and sell property etc. They don’t have to renew visa. 

Why NRI come to India?

There are many reasons, but here are few.

  1. They miss motherland.
  2. See relatives
  3. Show motherland to children and grand children.
  4. Get low cost medical and dental treatment.
  5. Do business in India.
  6. Buy and sell property in India
  7. Retire in India, or spend few years of retirement in India. They spend USA earned dollars in India by boosting Indian economy, and providing much needed dollar to lift rupee value up


So what problems NRI are experiencing?

When I was on plane to Mumbai, via New Jersey, in 2010, 90% plane was filled up with NRI. For some technical problem, the plane was delayed for take off. Passengers were walking around, talking to other people. 
I was sitting next to a Gujarati lady. To pass time, we started talking. I informally asked why she was going to India. She told me the story, that most people in India should read carefully. She said, she and her husband owned 3 five stars hotels in USA. Two years before, they heard Narendrabhai’s message. They also missed motherland. The children were grown up and financially secure. So they decided to sell all three hotels, build a 20 storied building in a major city in Gujarat, and start a five star hotel and restaurant.

But when they came for search of property, they had some of the worst experience in their life. People were trying to loot them, cheat them, insult them and what not? They went to their village, where the husband was born; and they got the same treatment from not only people, but also from close relatives.

They immediately bought plane ticket to USA and came back. This time she was making the last trip to India to sell their village property, and then had decided never to return to India, even for a visit. If she had built 20 storied building and started hotel business in India, hundreds of people would have got jobs. Most importantly, India would have received crores of dollars, much needed to bring rupee value up.

I shared my experience when I stayed in Mumbai from 1996 to1999 for 3 years. I am a Gujarati and Hindi poet and music composer. At one time I had worked for places like NASA and American Airlines  as an engineer and a project manager. I was making good income, and had three bungalows in USA.

But to serve mother tongue, and motherland, I spent most of my last 30 years writing poetry and composing music. In other words, I was not even rich when I came to Mumbai. Umashankar Joshi and Labhshankar Thakar had written forwards for my poetry books. Instead of getting respect and  recognition for my artistic contribution to India, many people were throwing obstacle in my perusing music and poetry. So I went back to USA, and started engineering practice again.

Soon other people on the plane heard my conversation with the lady, and they started sharing their bad experiences. The plane became a big meeting about ‘NRI EXPERIENCE IN INDIA’.  Many people on the plane had similar experience. Many wanted to do business in India, or come and stay in India. But they did not.

In 2010 I had decided to stay in Ahmedabad. My Watan. Where I went to school and college; where I began writing and publishing poetry.  I thought in my home town I would get good reception and respect Actually I had worse experience than in Mumbai.

In the days of internet, emails, and social media,  such stories spread fast.  NRI and other foreigners stop coming to India or investing in the country.


Everyone is complaining about petrol price.

But if there is a way to use less petrol, you can save lot of petrol cost.

Solution is simple. Abide by traffic rules. People don’t obey red lights and other traffic rules to go faster than other. They actually get stuck at the cross roads for long time, and burn petrol. Also, even when they know they have to stop  within 100 meters, they continue going fast, and then put hard brake.

In USA there are very few stop lights. Mostly they use cheap signs called Stop Signs. When people come to stop sign, they have to stop, even if they are only one at the intersection, or there are 100 cars. . Stop means complete stop. Zero speed. First come, first go. People obey.

See the video below, how people obey Stop-Signs Also see how clean and peaceful the streets are

See this video on youtube

This is just one example. In India, people don’t even slow down when schools children are coming out of schools.

This is why in USA, petrol is much cheaper than in India. When Indians reduce demand, prices will go down, they will save both ways.

Oprah Winfrey told Amithab Bachchan when he was showing her around Mumbai in his car,“If you people don’t want to stop at red lights, why spend money to install red lights? 

Most tourists and investors in general had same experiences as people on the plane.

Here is the bottomline.

Less NRI, foreign travelers and investors bring foreign currency to India, rupee value drop more. When rupee value is dropping, less foreigner will invest in India. This is a vicious circle that only can change by majority PEOPLE’s behavior, and not by changing any government. When I bought apartment in India in 2011, I got 42 rupees for a dollar. Now 72 rupees will give me a dollar when I return. So my investment is reduced to almost half. Who would want to invest in India in this environment?


  1. Black collar crimes and white collar crimes against NRI and foreign travelers/investors must stop.
  2. Frauds must be eliminated from the society.
  3. Make your neighborhood clean. That will not only improve your own and your children’s standard of living, and health; but will also attract more foreign travelers and investors.
  4. Make NRI feel welcome in your neighborhood. Stop harassing them, and trying to steal or damage their property.
  5. Honest society is better and safer for your children and grand children.
  6. Follow traffic and other rules. This will not only save money, but also save your children’s lives.
  7. Help government to reduce crimes. Don't be just spectators. Help when you see crime occurring on the street and report to police. Some day it could be your child in trouble.



When I left India to go to USA in 1973, people were very poor. After becoming engineer, I could not find RS 300/month job. 99% people used bicycles and buses for transportation. I had a very bad old bicycle myself. After coming to USA, within 3 months, when I was still on student visa, and working only 20 hours a week; I bought a nice looking used VW car.

But good thing then in India was, people in middle class were honest. There was no TV in 1973, and USA was like a fairytale land. Indian middle class did not try to get money from others fraudulently. Many of my relatives had Shroff (banker)’s business. They had servants who were paid RS 50 per month. The servants transported lakhs of rupees from one banker to other in cloth-bags. There were hardly any theft. People used to give house keys to their servants, neighbors or relatives, when they went out of town. Now they can’t trust their brothers and sisters.

During 70’s, when people in India heard about their relatives and friends living prosperous life in foreign countries, it inspired them to have better standard of living. Beginning from 80’s NRI began investing in Indian banks and businesses. Banks were very trustworthy then. They learned lot of things from NRI’s. In 80’s people were buying cassettes for entertainment. During 90’s middle class had cable TV, owned apartments, scooter, and in stores there were packaged food with MRP, similar to USA.

By 2000’s, even poor people had scooters and middle class were buying cars. Almost everyone had a cellphone

Difference between USA, Europe and India was; As USA became  rich in 50’s, people became more law abiding, more honest, more polite,  and crime decreased. Opposite happened in India. People became more greedy, white collar and violent crimes increased worse than some poorest countries in the world. People did not believe in traffic or other laws. Their children were dying in accidents and were committing suicides out of depression.

I like to end this article with one example. Soviet Union, one of the two strongest and richest empires in the world, had the worst economic crisis during 80’s. Supermarket shelves were empty and people had difficulty buying even bread. The large Soviet Union empire broke in to pieces, and all the separated countries had to ask help from USA and other European country to develop their economy, including Russia.

India is not yet that rich. Poor people still travel in crowed buses and trains. Many diseases kill the children. India can again become poor. 


Narendra Modi does not have children. He is not helping his brothers and sisters with his position. He did not invite his family for even swearing ceremony. He is setting good example to people for nou using wrong means to collect money. People should learn quickly, or India will suffer.