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Oasis-New Year

My First Moment of New Year 2014 


Oasis Thacker (Ghanshyam Thakkar)

While I have categorized this as comedy, it is a true story of this New Year: The moment at which 2013 turned 2014.

Those who know me from my yesteryears, know that I was the ‘New Years Party Guy’. Either I organized parties in halls, or invited friends at my house to celebrate New Year’s Eve. One reason was: I had 20 pc drum set, and few other musical instrument. The other musicians had light instruments; and the singers had to carry only their throats. Also, I used to have latest collection of recorded dance songs. So it made sense to have the New Year's party at my house.

But that has changed in last few years. First, I got very busy with music compsitions, arrrangements, lyrics writing, recording and mixing, music production, video productions, photo editing and computer art, video editing, youtube video publications, blogs publication, website design and maintenance, etc. as well as learnign new technology for all of the above; while continuing to write poetry, and handling my Engineering/Management career. Lately I have been providing you with online entertainment on my Blogs and Websites on New Year's Eves.

All of the above may have given you the impression that, Oasis must have gone to a wild New Year’s Party on New Year’s Eve, cheering ‘Happy New Year’ at the ding of midnight 12.00am.


I went to sleep at around 10.30 as usual on the night of 31st December 2013. I woke up to go to bathroom during the night. I was so sleepy, could not guess what time it was, or the fact that it was New Year’s Eve.

While in the bathroom, I heard the firecrackers sounds. I realized that it must be due to the New Year. I did not know, however, how long ago, it had turned to the New Year. After completing my bathroom responsibility in approximately one minute, I got curious about what time it was. I looked at my computer. It was 12.01am!

So what was I doing at the moment the year turned 2014? You guessed it!

Oasis Thacker

Background Music: Behkaye Ja [ Music: Oasis Thacker ]
Computer Art: Oasis Thacker
Ghanshyam Thakkar